Additional Services & Fees

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes provide a secure storage place for your valuables. We offer various size boxes to meet individual requirements. Box rentals are subject to availability.
Contents are not FDIC insured.

Description Annual Fee
2 X 5 $20.00
3 X 5 $30.00
4 X 5 $35.00
3 X 10 $35.00
5 X 5 $35.00
5 X 10 $45.00
10 X 10 $60.00

24-Hour Night Depository

Vermilion Bank offers after hours convenience and overnight safety of deposits by providing night depositories at all of our locations.

Direct Deposit

With the convenience of Direct Deposit you can have prompt access to your money by having any type of payment electronically deposited directly into your account. It's safe, simple, and worry-free.

Bank by Mail

Make Vermilion Bank as close as your mailbox by taking advantage of Bank by Mail. Enjoy the convenience of banking without a trip to the bank.

US Savings Bonds

Vermilion Bank is a registered agent and can redeem U.S. Savings Bonds.

Wire Transfers

Funds may be sent or received from almost any part of the world by wire transfer. Contact our Wire Department about this convenient and affordable method of moving your money.

Services Fees
Bill Pay $3.95 monthly $.45 for each payment over 15
Debit Card Replacement $10.00
Debit Card Replacement Pin $10.00
Domestic Wire Transfers Outgoing $15.00
Dormant Account $5.00 annually
Fax $5.00 plus telephone charge
Night Deposit Lock Bags $15.00
Non Sufficient Funds - NSF Fee $25.00
Non Sufficient Funds - Overdraft Fee $25.00
Non Vermilion Bank ATM Withdrawals $1.00
Notary $25.00
Official Checks 1.00% of check purchased, $10.00 maximum
Online Banking FREE
Photo Copy $1.00 per copy
Research $10.00 an hour , $2.00 per item
Special Request Statement $2.00
Statement Reconcilement $10.00 per statement
Stop Payment Request $15.00