History of Vermilion Bank

In 1957, Mr. Paul E. Eleazar had the foresight to organize a locally owned bank to better serve the Kaplan community and surrounding area. He and other investors contributed $350,000.00 in capital and opened Vermilion Bank & Trust Company in March of 1958. The Bank was organized to give the residents of Kaplan and people in the area an option to do banking with more than one bank in the Community.

The founding directors were; Feray Clark, Paul E. Eleazar, Jack Kaplan, Billy Matthews, Louis Roy, Peter Paul Trahan, Laines Vincent, & Lyman Vincent. We take this opportunity to express gratitude and thanks to the founders, co-founders, and investors of Vermilion Bank for making dreams become reality. It is because of their firm belief and dedication that Vermilion Bank has grown to an average of $110 million in assets.

Vermilion Bank supports its community in many ways with many of our staff members actively involved in local civic organizations. We have loaned more of our assets to the community and surrounding area than any local bank in Kaplan. We provide top quality service to our customers at a reasonable price.

Our philosophy remains the same: that banking is about relationships, not just about products and technology. That being said, our Online Banking and Bill Payer services are some of the best offered by any bank, and will suit most all your banking needs. Come by and experience the difference in community banking.