Notify Me - Online Banking Feature

Another safe and convenient way to stay on top of your account activity.

N"Notify Me" allows you to set account alerts to be received either by email or text.

Alerts can be set in any of the following categories:

  • Account Activity alerts – Notification when specific types of activity have occurred on an account, or have exceeded the customer’s set thresholds.
  • Messaging alerts – Notification when messages are sent to your online inbox.
  • Security alerts – Notification when security-related changes have been made - e.g., contact information is updated, or when certain banking operations have completed - e.g., a bill payment has been made.

Easy as 1-2-3

Follow these 3 three easy steps to set-up mobile text alerts:

  • Visit “Notify Me” tab in Online Banking
  • Enroll your mobile phone to receive text alerts or your email address for email alerts
  • Select alerts you want to receive on your mobile device or through email.

Alerts are a safe and convenient way to stay on top of your account activity. Vermilion Bank is dedicated to making your financial life easier and safer.

  • Text message fees may apply, check with your carrier for details.
  • Notify Me Alerts Short Code - 84232
  • Check with your cellular carrier to inquire if they support Notify Me Alerts.